I am a holistic practitioner based in Bristol. I took various courses in art, psychology and counselling before continuing with training within the holistic industry. I completed my ITEC diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology. Since this, my training has included learning skills in Thai Yoga Massage, Seated Acupressure, Reiki, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Natural Facials, Indian Head Massage, Thai Reflexology,  Myofacial Release, Table Thai and Deep Tissue Fusion. I am currently training to be a Sound Therapist with the College of Sound Healing 

Home practices of the Tibetan 5 Rites led me onto a deeper understanding of yoga, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, and this resulted in exploration of the world of meditation. I harnessed my interest by attending two Buddhist Retreats at a Brighton Centre. Following a close bereavement, my relationship with meditation and yoga deepened considerably. Regular practice both at home and local classes has allowed me to appreciate the gentle progress that can be made. I practice meditation and yoga daily both to compliment my lifestyle as well as my work.

My first encounter with Thai Massage was at a yoga retreat. Opting for something different, I decided to try this unfamiliar Eastern bodywork. The treatment was like no other; like taking yoga to the next level! I knew I had to learn this art. This synchronised perfectly with my forever growing appreciation for meditation. I 
furthered my studies with Shen Mantra and I am currently assisting Francesca in London, teaching the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma Course.


I trained in classical ballet in South Africa from the age of 7 and then at the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK from 9 years old until 19 until intermediate level and pointe work. Through the years, I have gathered experience of movement both through classes including ballet, modern dance, capoeira, karate, hoop dance, yoga, 5rhytyms and dancing for fun at various world dance music events.

I used to co-run Massaura Bliss, an event massage collective where we set up a beautiful heart space treatment space. Events included private hen and engagement parties, Noisily Festival, OM & Bass Festival, Schoola Hoop Camp, Wonderland charity raves, Wonderland Garden Party, Wilderness, Play Festival Morning Gloryville. 

I have always been interested in creativity and connecting with people. My mission is to inspire and get people thinking about their health for longevity and embracing and cherishing their uniqueness and cultivating their innate compassion. I love to take in as much as possible finding complimentary dynamics between many things.

MASSAGE TRAINER: I am also teaching with Shen Mantra who offers internationally accredited courses in oriental and advanced bodywork techniques. Please hop over here for more details.

CLINICS/ SPAS: I have experience working in holistic clinics and luxury spas. I currently work as a mobile therapist providing treatments to Surrey, Middlesex and occasionally in London.