All treatments take place through clothing whilst clients are seated in a massage chair or Thai mat on the floor.

BENEFITS Health and wellbeing benefits are being widely recognised within organisations. Office massage is becoming the perfect way to promote wellbeing within the workplace.

Today, many people are too tired from work to enjoy life outside of it. Over 30% of absence is due to mental health issues. Mental wellbeing affects all of us, directly or indirectly. It seems right, therefore to recognise positive steps by taking on a professional massage therapy program

Employee benefits

Increases employee retention and decreases absenteeism

Improves job satisfaction

Provides a great reward and incentive

Alleviates stress and boosts energy levels

Reduces stress and improves wellbeing.


Employer benefits

Improves productivity and staff engagement

Enables corporation tax break, in some cases

Encourages more focussed staff who are proud of where they work

Enhances corporate culture

Cost-effective staff reward


FREQUENCY It is better to arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly massages to gain the full benefit of this holistic treatment. However, one-off visits can also be arranged.


Organisation parties

Employee appreciation incentives

Wellness events

Staff birthdays

Health and wellbeing awareness fairs


DURATION This will depend on how many massages are booked and how long the treatments are booked for. Usually, office massage lasts 10-15 minutes per person but this can be altered to suit your company and employee needs. 3-6 people can be seen in 1 hour, depending on the duration of their treatments.


WHERE Treatments can take place whilst the employee is seated at their desk but it is advised that they take the opportunity to really benefit from the treatment where it can be performed in a designated meeting room or break out area.


OPTIONS Massage visits can be funded in three ways: Check rates tab for details.

1. Company offer full service

 - Company will be invoiced.

 - Hourly rate applies.

2. Shared payment

 - Company & employee share payment and company is invoiced.

 - Hourly rate applies.

3. Staff funded directly

 - Company organises appointment and space.

 - Individual prices apply.



2 hrs   £100

3 hrs   £150

4 hrs   £200

5 hrs   £240

All day (6-8 hrs) £260

INDIVIDUAL PRICES min 4 bookings
QUICK REVIVE 15 mins - £15

     1 + bookings 3 hrs - £150

TENSION DIFFUSER - 20 mins -£20

     1 + bookings - 4 hrs - £180

RENEW - 30mins - £30

     1 + bookings - 5 hrs - £240

ALL DAY (6-8 hrs) - £300